Crossing borders in type 2 inflammation

Treating atopic patients in a multidisciplinary setting

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The increasing prevalence of allergic diseases are becoming a major global health concern. These allergic diseases may appear disparate based on their distinct organ and tissue manifestations and are treated as such within our health care systems, respectively by dermatologists, pulmonologists and ENT physicians. A better understanding of type 2 inflammation and treatment modalities is necessary.

However, this fragmentation does not serve the new way of addressing type 2 inflammatory diseases. Focusing on the underlying pathway driving these diseases leads to a better understanding of type 2 inflammation and treatment modalities, giving rise to a new era of personalized therapy.

In this webcast recognized experts will share their knowledge.


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This webcast is primarily intended for pulmonologists, ENT-doctors, dermatologists, allergists from The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Other interested healthcare professionals are welcome to join. The webcast will be held in English.

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